simply, leave.

Have you ever got the feeling that all you want to do at this current moment is to simply leave?

Like leave everything at you current place, your stressful lifestyle, your work or your college, the exhaustion, the never ending stress and simply leave..

To leave all those people that sometimes drain the life out of you, maybe without even knowing it, in a way or another they tend to simply drain whatever energy you have left in your body..

To go somewhere, where you are simply new, you don’t know anybody..

A place where you get to be whatever you want to be…

A place where you get to experience new things, like seeing the sun rise and the sun set.. i know that you may have seen that before and i am positive you have done it like a million times, but have you ever thought about seeing this view from a completely new place. Like trying new food, new flavors, new cuisines. Discovering new buildings, sensing the art that enriches the place around..

And most importantly discovering new people, new ideas, new dreams, new emotions and new souls…

So tell me, if you had this chance, would you simply just leave it all? would you leave all the routine and simply go be free. Although it may last for only a couple of days, but you will be a new person after it ..

So….. Would you simply leave??


if he

if he was the person that makes you laugh like nobody else ever could. if he and only he can make you see the few rays of sun, in a stormy sky. if he can make you feel at home and surrounded with warmth, love and kindness. if he was the only one capable of breaking through the hard barrier of stone that you have spent your entire life building in order to protect yourself from pain, hurt and disappointments. if he and only him, can find this tiny itsy bitsy balance point between your brain and your heart. if he can make you see the world and listen to the music with new eyes and ears. if he was the only person that can make you feel like yourself. if he has seen it all the good, the bad and the crazy. if he and only he, can stare at you like maybe you were something magical.. if only his eyes, and his alone can make you smile. if only seeing his smile can cheer up your day no matter how bad and long it. if only next to him you can feel at ease. Would you give him up? would you let go of all these happy moment, of all the great and amazing memories that you have shared and built? Would you give away the reason why every day sounds way sunnier that it has even been? Would you give him away just in order to feel like a part of your surrounding? Would you give him away in order to win one battle, although deep inside you know you are not only loosing the great war but you are losing yourself in the process.  would you give away all these moments just for a second of fitting in and an eternity of misery..

Something before going to bed


Has it ever occurred to you the amount of ideas that simply drift through your head just before going to bed .. It is like the whole film of your day is being played right in front of your eyes.. Every moment, every second.. Everything is really in rewind mode ..

Except that in this rewind you can never take back the moment; to fix a weird scene or simply keep that great and amazing smile just for a little bit longer … Isn’t it some how sad that even though we get to remember all those moments that have passed by during the day .. We can’t manage to feel the same way as we did at the moment when everything happened;
The great rush of happiness that went through your body when you saw that one person coming towards you .. That simple smile that was drown on your face when something sweet occurred this morning when you first woke up ..  Or maybe that one moment when you were all alone in the street or at your room or your office and you felt like there is something missing but at the same time you didn’t feel that sad about it because you knew that there are other things that can compensate for that ..

Going through it .. This rewind that happens is a great way to appreciate how good your day was and figure out that even though you may have gone through some hard or bad stuff during the day .. At the end of the day you will rest your head on your pillow and know that there is another day coming  .. Which is Tomorrow 🙂

I know I am being a bit emotional before bed .. But I guess for me that’s what I like to blog about .. The feelings I get during my day .. Whither happy or not .. It  just feels good to share at the end of the day 🙂


A New Hair Cut !!

I know, a weird title for the first blog.. But, the thing is.. the thoughts that i want to talk about came to me while i was having a hair cut.. So , today i woke up with the feeling that it is time for a new hair cut “total makeover.. or something”.. what i was thinking about all the time .. is how does this simple thing tend to transform our personality and how do we feel about ourselves. i know it sounds a bit too girly but think about it .. whenever you get a new haircut you suddenly feel that it’s really good to smile at yourself in the mirror as if there is a new person standing in front of you.. The satisfaction, that’s what i am going to talk about ..

Satisfaction, is something that we all look for during our lives, this weird feeling that comes from deep inside and literally changes everything about us, how  we think about ourselves and how we tend to express our personality to other people… There are different ways to experience this amazing feeling, the simplest way for me is to “have a hair cut”.. I know some of you might think .. that’s really simple.. But sometimes the simplest things in life can give us the best feelings.. So what really crossed my mind at that moment is, why do we always tend to look for that feeling in specific ? and from that feeling we reach the other ones?.
Is really this feeling is the base to other feelings and emotions??
Just think about it, when ever you are dissatisfied about something,like; the clothes that you are wearing, haircut, makeup, what ever it is .. you start feeling; uncomfortable, sometimes sad, could be angry …

Well after really thinking about it  and going over and over , i figured that we tend to achieve this feeling because it is not a singular feeling .. it is not just an accessory to other feelings.. Satisfaction is complex of emotions, if you think about, because it is always associated with other sensations and it always tends to change the way we consider ourselves deep inside.

But the thing is, in societies there are so many  false beliefs about the concept of satisfaction. in the whirlpool of our hectic life, we sometimes loose sense whither we are satisfying our selves or pretending to be satisfied in order to satisfy our surrounding.. I guess at this certain point we should take a second to consider because it is such a sad thing to loose ourselves in order to win others..

what a thing to think about while having a hair cut!.

Hello world!


Exactly as the title says “Hello world”.. welcome to my parallel universe .. my way of expressing what i sometimes can’t do in public… Don’t worry i am not a sociopath .. just a person who has a lot of stuff in min to express.. jut to keep you heads up .. this is my 1st time blogging so keep that in mind .. and as said before … welcome to my parallel universe..